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Custom Construction, LLC
"Satisfying Central Pennsylvania Homeowners"
We are a 2nd generation home builder that builds with having three key points in mind;
Value, integrity and Craftsmanship
  • Value- understanding that every home we build must exceed the owners
    expectations in Value.  We understand that all money spent must have an
    excellent return on investment  
  • Integrity- must be maintained from the initial owner meeting through the end of
    the warranty process
  • Craftsmanship- our team of craftsman and skilled workers understand that
    attention to detail and cleanliness is critical throughout the entire process  
The company has evolved at a moderate pace, into a prominent custom home
building and remodeling company in the Central Pennsylvania Region.

Although the company has expanded and grown, we are still a
family owned and
operated company.  We
LISTEN to our customers concerns and worries about their
particular site selection, and home or project they wish to build.  What sets us apart
from the competition, is the fact that throughout the whole "building process", t
owners are available to speak and meet with

We have taken pride in our
"Word of Mouth" advertising over the past 25 years.  
There have been many satisfied customers who have had full confidence in us to build
them the home of their dreams.  As our list of satisfied customers grow, we continually
exceed our goal of delivering an overall smooth and quality building process, from start
to finish.

If you have not heard about us by "Word of Mouth", we encourage you to contact us,
so we can provide you with an extensive list of
pleased homeowners, who have had
the opportunity to work with us.  Many of our homeowners are so overjoyed with their
homes, they have graciously given us the choice of using their home as a

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