Understanding that every home we build must exceed the owners expectations in Value.  We understand that all money spent must have an excellent return on investment


We maintain the highest integrity from the initial owner meeting through the end of the warranty process


Our team of craftsman and skilled workers understand that
attention to detail and cleanliness is critical throughout the entire process

Home Building is our Passion

Our Mission is to design and build communities that fit in with the surrounding elements, create homes that live and work for the homeowner, while NEVER losing focus on the CUSTOMER, ENVIRONMENT and SOCIETY.


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Quality You Can Live With… Forever.

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Exterior Doors

Our homes use exterior doors that are fiberglass with a solid foam core that provides substantially more insulation value than a wood door. So, in addition to making a beautiful first impression, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to lower monthly heating and cooling bills.

Low-E Glass Windows

Our home designs feature large Andersen windows with Low-E Glass. This filters unwanted UV rays and reduces heat transfer that may burden your HVAC system, as well as minimizes fading of furniture and flooring. Great light, beauty, and potential savings are standard features, too.

Weatherization Barrier Systems

It not just the finishes but what is behind the finishes. Wall, floor and roof sheathing uses oriented strand board (OSB), which has greater shear strength than plywood and no gaps or soft spots. Made from mall fast growing trees, it also reduces the demand for mature timber. Zip Wall, to prevent moisture and air infiltration. These systems eliminate leaks and drafts as well as help your insulation do its job better and keep you more comfortable.

HVAC System

If you’re currently living in an older home with ductwork in your attic, you’ll really appreciate the energy efficiency of our HVAC systems. In addition, our HVAC systems are right sized for your home with 1 zone per floor level


A well-insulated attic is one of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. We use R-49 attic insulation, delivering a 45% increase over homes built just 5 years ago. The roof itself is professionally designed for proper ventilation, allowing hot air to move up and away from your home.


We use Superior walls Xi or Xi Plus depending on your design. These walls create an excellent, strong foundation due to the engineered construction. Our comprehensive Energy Seal Package includes insulating all lower level conditioned space to seal out excess moisture and keep the temperature warmer in the winter.

Water Conservation

All homes feature PEX pipes and fittings, resulting in cleaner water compared to copper. All of our showerheads, faucets and toilets are low flow to meet stricter water conservation standards.

Energy Savings

We engineer your home to eliminate unnecessary energy use, and include ENERGY STAR ® programmable thermostats so you can set and control your energy use per your needs. ENERGY STAR ® rated refrigerators and dishwashers are also standard in all of our homes.

Environmental Responsibility

Design Build Custom Construction, LLC incorporates products that are environmentally friendly whenever possible. Like LP Smartside siding that contains completely renewable materials; low VOC paint for better interior air quality; sheathing and lumber that uses the entire log for efficient use of resources, to name a few. Then we take construction waste to a local plant where it’s recycled for the most efficient use of resources.

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